STABI – The patented boring bar stabilizer by IPZ-Tooling

The innovative solution for more efficient and better machining with higher quality and reduced costs.

The boring bar stabilizer ensures a significantly more stable, efficient and low-vibration machining of your workpieces as it wraps around the boring bar and due to the additional fixing of the lateral clamping screws. The outer contour of the boring bar stabiliser is designed in such a way that it can penetrate even relatively small bore holes. The Stabi® is available in the versions “MINI”, “MIDI” and “MAXI” – for maximum stability.

The use of a boring bar stabilizer can have the following advantages:

  • larger infeeds, feed rates and cutting speeds
  • processing time is reduced by up to 70%
  • considerably better surface results with perfect dimensional stability
  • roughing and smoothing, inside and outside, with only one tool
  • minimizes vibrations and thus ensures significantly longer tool life
  • generally suitable for all standard boring bars
  • reduction of tool costs due to a reduced variety of tools
  • internally cooled boring bars are not absolutely necessary, as internal cooling can take place via the flat surfaces of the boring bar
  • better results even when using low priced steel boring bars
  • the extension length of the boring bar is variably adjustable
  • achieves better and more cost-effective results than a vibration-damped boring bar in many cases


Made in Germany

For us, “Made in Germany” is not just a nice label, it is a promise of quality to our customers. All products are developed and produced at our IPZ Kimmich GmbH factory in Germany and distributed from there via IPZ Tooling GmbH and trading partners worldwide.

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